Churches Large and Small


Small Churches Without a Worship Center

There are congregations that do not have their own buildings where they can worship, and many of them meet at private homes. The reason may be that they have too few members, but some churches might have lost their church due to a weather event or vandalism. Some of these small churches rent commercial space, but a small congregation does not always have the money to do this. They might need to have several services in different members’ homes to accommodate everyone, but they find their way without their own church.

Some of the smallest churches are not considered to be part of any religion, and they are often looked upon as cults. They might not feel they need an official house of worship, or money may be the issue. When they meet in private homes, it often disturbs their neighbors. While they may claim it is a cult, many of these small churches are simply more comfortable meeting in an unofficial location and have no cult leanings.