Churches Large and Small


The Largest Churches

There are many cities that boast huge churches and cathedrals that are still being used as houses of worship in the modern world, and mega churches have flourished over the past few decades. For those who prefer to connect with others of their faith around the world, there are now online churches. Each of these types of churches is considered to be part of the religious community, but their methods of worship and meetings for services are very different.

The large traditional churches were often built in centuries past when they had ample money and labor, and constant upkeep and repair have kept them usable. These churches are often attended by locals as well as religious tourists. They still function as houses of worship for their congregations, and they welcome the opportunity to spread their message to visitors.

Mega churches have been a recent addition to houses of worship, but they are different from traditional houses of worship in several ways. Their religious format may be close to that of traditional churches, but their style of preaching is less about traditional ways. They use modern methods of speaking to large crowds and keeping them engaged, and this is one of their most important distinctions. Preaching is almost secondary to keeping the crowd entertained during the service.

Online churches have sprung up around the world, and their members meet in cyberspace. They have no central house of worship, but they often boast thousands of members from across the globe. They hold regular services, and these are conducted in accordance with the religion they follow. Even though they do not have a central meeting space, their members can connect online to meet each other in person. They have the ability to support each other as a community through their online connection, so they do function as a regular church in many ways.