Churches Large and Small


The Smallest Churches

Within large cities there are generally small communities of people with the same background, and their houses of worship are just as local as that of a rural community. The people who attend services have many outside interests in common, and their traditional spiritual values tend to be the same. There is little wonder they would all choose to attend a church of their traditional faith in the area where they live.

There are some small churches that do not follow this model, and these are often churches where people have left their previous house of worship to pursue their faith in a way that it more fitting. They might see the church as a place where their values are expressed better, or they might be attracted to the charisma of the church leader. Some of them have chosen a new, smaller church because their old church might have lost the feeling of community.

Small churches are of all denominations, and many of them are for people who wish to return to a simpler life. These tend to be fundamentalists churches, and the members are a close-knit group. They have their own style of worship, but they do welcome outsiders. Their goal is not to separate from the world, and they are generally connected in a semi-formal arrangement with other independent churches.

Parents often choose smaller churches because they feel the community is more helpful as their try to raise their children within their own faith. For them, the community atmosphere is too good to pass up. They have a built-in support system, and they have the opportunity to share similar lifestyles in and out of the church. When a crisis occurs, they feel a closer connection to God through the connection they have with their fellow worshippers.